Jets' Brandon Marshall compares Peyton to Kobe


Everyone has an opinion on Peyton Manning. Wednesday night it was Brandon Marshall's turn.

The New York Jets receiver appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his Project 375, which supports mental-health awareness, and compared the legendary quarterback with a future NBA Hall of Famer.

Every game, all season

"It kind of reminds me of watching Kobe Bryant, right?" Marshall said of Manning, via "These last couple of years you've seen the guy really hit a wall. These are legends, living legends, and all of a sudden, they can't do it anymore physically."

I refuse to dive deep here. Comparing Bryant and Manning's careers -- whether it's records or playoff success or longevity -- does no one any favors. But on a base level the assessment works. Both are unquestionable all-time greats who have struggled the past several seasons with injuries that escalated a declining skill set.

Marshall said he hopes the Broncos knock off Tom Brady and the Patriots in Sunday's AFC title game in order to send Manning out properly.

"But I am a huge Peyton Manning fan," Marshall continued. "I am a fan of the redemption story, so hopefully he goes out there and wins and makes it to a Super Bowl."