AJ McCarron wants to draw Brett Favre comparisons


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron made mention of Tom Brady following last week's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers after he replaced Andy Dalton.

McCarron was less comparing himself to Brady than noting other quarterbacks have gone on to have success when replacing starters for long stretches, the New England Patriots in 2001 being the most famous situation.

But if he wasn't comparing himself to Brady, who, if anyone, would McCarron like to be compared to?

The first-time starter went with a classic choice: Brett Favre.

"It always looked like he was that four-year-old kid that just won the starting job by raising his right hand and his left hand, and getting it correct and being the only one," McCarron said this week, via ESPN.com. "That's what I love about the game, because it's a game. Yes, we get paid a great amount and it's a blessing. But at the end of the day, it's a game and you have to play it like you're a kid in the backyard just having fun."

Favre did always have fun, which made him enjoyable to watch. He also won.

In his brief playing time, McCarron certainly showed off a willingness to stretch the field and didn't seem like the stage was too big. If he plays similarly Sunday, he could be in for a big day against the San Francisco 49ers' No. 27 ranked pass defense.

McCarron will have his chance to become the first former Alabama quarterback to win an NFL start since 1987.

As for those quarterbacks who have replaced starters in a similar situation and gone on to win the Super Bowl, per NFL Media Research, there were more than just Brady:

Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler: In 1990, the Giants were 11-2 and three games up in the NFC East, Simms broke his foot and Hostetler came in and led the Giants to a win in Super Bowl 25 (XXV).

Trent Green and Kurt Warner: In 1999, after Green injured his knee in the preseason and missed the entire season, Warner made his first career start in Week 1 and led the Rams to a win in Super Bowl 34 (XXXIV).

Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady: In 2001, Bledsoe was injured in Week 2, Brady came in and made his first career start the following week and led the Patriots to a win in Super Bowl 36 (XXXVI).