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Bills' LeSean McCoy: I have nothing to say


A week of buildup between LeSean McCoy and the Eagles yielded one of the better games on Sunday. It was a stage that was heightened when McCoy was named Buffalo's lone captain following a pregame where he kissed the Eagles' bird at midfield and engaged in a lengthy embrace with Jeffrey Lurie, the owner of his former team.

During the week, McCoy had said quite emphatically that he would not interact with Chip Kelly. Kelly reportedly tried even this week to get a hold of McCoy in an attempt to clear the air about a trade sending McCoy to the Bills that admittedly was not handled the right way.

But after a 23-20 Bills loss, one that severely bruised their chances of making the playoffs while keeping the Eagles on pace to potentially win the division, all the hype was over. McCoy was out of things to say.

"I've got nothing to say," McCoy told reporters, via He did not speak with or interact with any of his former coaches or teammates on the field after the game.

He finished the game with 20 carries for 74 yards. He also caught four passes for 34 yards.

While most people will say that McCoy yapped all week -- he went as far as telling Richie Incognito that he wanted to see "Miami Richie" on Sunday -- and then clammed up once the Bills lost, allow us to place a few things in perspective.

1. McCoy was asked about Chip Kelly all week. He does not like Chip Kelly. Of course he was going to have some charged comments when teed up on the subject.

2. McCoy never wanted to leave Philadelphia. And while people say it's part of the game, it doesn't make life any easier on a guy. Now, he has to watch that team contend for a playoff spot after beating his new team. The Bills will more than likely miss the playoffs after entering the weekend with a 16 percent chance, per Football Outsiders' DVOA. That was before they lost and the Jets and Patriots won.

3. There was nothing else to say. McCoy was honest about Kelly when asked about it during the week, probably to a fault. Did he want to sit there and be asked about Kelly again?