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LeSean McCoy told Incognito he wants 'Miami Richie'


How important is this Sunday's game to Bills running back LeSean McCoy? Just ask Richie Incognito.

According to NFL Media's Mike Silver, McCoy told Incognito, the team's best offensive lineman this season, that he wanted "Miami Richie" this week against the Eagles.

While this seems a little convoluted given that Incognito might be playing the best football of his life at 32 in Buffalo, McCoy likely means a more aggressive and unhinged Richie Incognito. Incognito, as you may remember, was at the center of a bullying scandal that rocked the Miami Dolphins back in 2013. He, along with current Giants guard John Jerry, were frequently cited by NFL investigator Ted Wells throughout his report detailing the tortured season undergone by retired offensive tackle Jonathan Martin.

While McCoy's words and intentions will probably get twisted a bit, we doubt he meant to go there. There's a good chance McCoy does not read advanced offensive line statistics and simply meant a younger and stronger version of Icnognito. We also doubt he meant for those words to get beyond the locker room walls. This game clearly means a lot to him, but the inflated tiff between McCoy and Chip Kelly has elevated -- and taken out of context -- almost everything McCoy has said this week.

In fairness, this is the guy who took the field on Sunday, regardless of whether or not he hi-fived his old coach...