LaFell on Gronk: People don't want to tackle him


The Patriots caravan cruised for another easy win in Thursday night's 36-7 romp over the Dolphins.

New England quarterback Tom Brady did what he's done so many times before, ripping through Miami's defense for 356 yards and four scores, with much of that real estate going to unstoppable tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Gronk also posted his seventh touchdown of the year with a 47-yard catch and run that saw him fry a host of 'Fins defenders along the way.

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"It's amazing man, because you see a lot of guys that really don't want to tackle that guy," Patriots wideout Brandon LaFell said after the game, per CSN New England. "Everybody will probably say this and say that, they think they can tackle, but when you got a guy that's (6-foot-6), 260 coming at you full speed, a lot of guys don't want to hit him."

Fellow pass-catcher Julian Edelman echoed those words, calling Gronkowski a "man-child."

"It's pretty unbelievable to watch. I've said it before -- it looks like an eighth grader going up against second graders out there," Edelman said. "When guys are trying to bring him down, he never goes down with one guy. He's just a beast."

Reliving the long score, Gronkowski joked with reporters: "I ran a great route," adding: "It was a little play-action. We were running the ball great; that's what helps the passing game out, when you run the ball, too. It was just a good throw, a good play overall, and we executed on offense as a whole. Made a nice play and got the touchdown."

It's not an unfamiliar story for the Patriots, or the rest of the AFC East, who have seen both the Dolphins and Jets humbled and scattered by New England over a five-day span. We all know where this story is headed.