Tom Brady artist presents latest court room rendering


Today, we spell redemption R-O-S-E-N-B-E-R-G.

Jane Rosenberg, the courtroom sketch artist who was buried with criticism over a Tom Brady rendering that turned the rakish Patriots star into nightmare fuel, displayed her latest illustration outside Manhattan Federal Courthouse on Monday.

Jane is being hard on herself. This is solid work. Here's another shot:

Rosenberg was under added pressure on Monday because Brady's latest Deflategate hearing lasted just four minutes. Rosenberg said she couldn't really see Brady and had to work mostly off memory. Rosenberg was greeted by a throng of reporters as she exited the the court house.

"I couldn't deal with all the media attention," Rosenberg said of the initial backlash, according to "If only I had a (PR) public relations person. I had a very rough time for a few days, and I got a lot of people sending me nasty e-mails. I can't figure out why they even bothered."

If you're one of the people who cyber bullied a courtroom sketch artist, you should retreat from society and go live in the woods until Darwinian principles take hold.