Tedy Bruschi wants Tom Brady suspension eliminated


Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi isn't staying silent during the Tom Brady hearing.

He wants his old teammate completely exonerated.

"I would like to see it eliminated completely ... I support this organization 100 percent and I think there's no way they should stop until it's gone completely," Bruschi told reporters at his football camp this week, via CSN New England.

This isn't exactly a shocker. Bruschi, who played with Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick for eight seasons, has used any platform he can find to champion Brady's cause throughout the process.

On one hand, it's got to be a testament to the sort of teammate Brady is. NFL storylines can quickly cause old friends to burrow underground or plead the fifth. On the other, it's interesting that Bruschi is taking such a megaphone to the process given the depth of information that needs to be reviewed here.

Brady's hearing culminated after more than 10 hours on Tuesday night and there could be a lengthy decision period that follows.

We won't know for some time whether or not Bruschi is worth hearing out on this.

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