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Jerry Jones pumps the brakes on Super Bowl 50 talk


Tony Romo had a less-than-enthusiastic Super Bowl prediction for the Dallas Cowboys a few weeks back.

Now, owner Jerry Jones is jumping in for the full-on step back.

"Let's not confuse how good we feel about our team with putting (the Super Bowl) around the neck of something that if we did know (we) could beat those kinds of odds, then life would be a lot different for all of us," Jones said Wednesday, via "That's a statement that is real hard to live up to. No one knows it better than we do."

There are good times and bad times for players and owners to go full-on Rex Ryan and Jones has wisely recognized that this is not one of those times. Predicting a Super Bowl is fun and represents the confidence you have in what you've assembled, but it also places a needless target on the backs of your players.

In a lot of ways, this quote represents a stunning maturity in the owner that has manifested itself over the past two seasons.

Hitting the pause button on the Johnny Manziel pick led to the assembly of a brutal offensive line. The ability to incorporate opinions and ideas from other coaches, executives and evaluators also played a huge role in the team's recent success.

He didn't emotionally over-spend on DeMarco Murray or Dez Bryant (yet).

And now, he's exercising some restraint when discussing the current club for which he has high hopes.

Jones has always been a magnanimous personality in the NFL, but it seems like now -- more than ever -- he's finding a way to make it work for him instead of against him.

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