Matt Slauson: Jay Cutler can be an elite QB


Bears general manager Ryan Pace said last week that Chicago is "moving forward" with Jay Cutler under center, an announcement that certainly pleased offensive lineman Matt Slauson.

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"I have every confidence in (Cutler) -- his ability, his intelligence," Slauson recently told WGN radio. "The guy can be the best in the league. We just have to do a better job, as a team, supporting him. We didn't do a very good job of that last year."

Slauson wasn't finished heaping praise on his up-and-down passer, framing the 31-year-old Cutler as a Hall of Famer in waiting.

"Jay can be every bit of a Tom Brady, a Peyton Manning, an Aaron Rodgers," Slauson said. "He can be them, if not more."

Where do we begin? Our friend Slauson has boarded a rocket ship into the bizarre, taking us to new frontiers of insane offseason hype.

Cutler is a physically talented but ultimately frustrating passer who has Bears fans eternally resting on the cusp of sanity. Brady, Manning and Rodgers rest in a different sphere -- and always will.

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