Russell Wilson: 'I had no doubt in the play call'


Russell Wilson has shown unique resilience in the face of his game-ending interception in Super Bowl XLIX.

After tweeting that he won't allow one play or one moment to define his young NFL career, the Seahawks quarterback stood up for his coaches by refusing to point fingers at Seattle's choice to pass the ball on second-and-goal inside the New England 1-yard-line with 26 seconds left.

"I had no doubt in the play call. I still don't to this day," Wilson said Tuesday, per "It looked open enough. When I threw it, it was, 'Touchdown. Second Super Bowl ring. Here we go.' "

Seahawks fans will never forget the reality, with Patriots cover man Malcolm Butler jumping the route to pick off Wilson's lob, a throw he admitted to watching on replay "about 12 times."

Some young quarterbacks might never climb out of a moment like that, but Wilson's fighting spirit is on display. Wilson's beyond-his-years leadership of a talented roster is why Seattle still looms as the top challenger to New England heading into next season.

"Let's keep the focus on the future, not what's behind," Wilson said. "The part that I hate is I have to wait seven months to play another game. I can use this for something else. I can use this for life."

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