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Russell Wilson wants to play for Seahawks 'forever'


Russell Wilson wants to be a Seahawk for his entire career.

Super Bowl XLIX:
New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24

The 26-year-old, who is likely on the verge of signing a deal that would make him the highest paid quarterback in football (until Andrew Luck signs his), has expressed no doubts about his future following a stunning loss to the Patriots on Sunday.

"I obviously want to play in Seattle forever," he said Tuesday via The Seattle Times.

In a season-ending Q&A, Wilson was typically stoic, sidestepping some of the landmines that were placed in front of him.

While the wounds heal, we will undoubtedly hear a few more gripes about Darrell Bevell calling out his wide receivers and whoever ends up taking responsibility for that play call.

But we won't hear any of it from Wilson, which might make him worth the money alone.

This isn't to say that everyone on the Seahawks should be like Wilson. Richard Sherman is a fantastic leader, and his confidence is infectious. Marshawn Lynch's individuality is also a catalyst for bringing the team together.

Wilson, though, has the ability -- both on the field and politically -- to bridge Seattle into the next regime. While Pete Carroll probably has another good year or two with the current pieces on the board, he will inevitably need Wilson for the rebuild a few years down the line.

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