'Madden NFL' successfully predicts Super Bowl score


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By my unofficial count, more than 1,592 hours of Network programming broke down Super Bowl XLIX last week. Turns out, all we needed to do was to run the Madden simulator to figure out who was going to win the game. Seriously.

You don't believe me? Watch this video right here. "Madden NFL 15" Super Bowl simulation accurately predicted the following:

» The Seahawks were going to own the third quarter and lead the Patriots 24-14.

» The Patriots would win the game 28-24. (Spoiler alert if you have the game on the DVR, but the Patriots would win that game by that exact score.EXACT!)

» Tom Brady would be the Super Bowl MVP. What might be more impressive is Madden had him finishing with 335 yards and four touchdowns. He actually finished with 328 passing yards and four touchdowns. Just seven yards off. SEVEN! More impressive than the score.

» Julian Edelman would catch the winning touchdown pass. And not only that, but the exact (EXACT) pass play to make it happen. Edelman had eight receptions for 106 yards. He finished with nine catches for 109 yards. (Mind officially blown.)

» Pete Carroll would call an ill-advised pass play after getting the ball down to the 1-yard line with under a minute left to go in the game.

All right, that last one might not have actually occurred. But would it have surprised you at this point? This was a pretty amazing run. And to think we've been so concerned about Skynet all of these years when we really should have been on the lookout for Madden, who is now 9-3 in Super Bowl simulations. Now if we could just get Madden to pick my fantasy team, too, I think we'd be all set.

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