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Devin McCourty on deflate allegations: 'We don't care'


Patriots players are already excited to move on from the latest controversy.

While the league continues to investigate if overly deflated footballs were used by the Patriots in Sunday's AFC title game, making them easier to catch, kick and throw, the players are simply gearing up for the Super Bowl.

"We don't care about it," said Devin McCourty, via CSN New England. "We put so much work in to going out there and giving ourselves a chance to win and to go out there and win big games that we won Sunday. Whatever they want to create, that's for everyone else. We don't care."

In a way, this seems like it could be a rallying cry for the Patriots, whose victories always seem to come with a caveat. In a divisional round win over the Ravens, it was the creative interpretation of ineligible receivers. Tom Brady certainly remembers other, far more serious charges levied against the organization.

Chances are, the team was good enough to make it to the big game without deflating footballs, so it's not like the Patriots will be lacking in confidence.

So McCourty speaks for the rest of the Patriots, who are all comfortable laughing this off for now.

UPDATE: We kind of saw this coming, but now we know officially that Rob Gronkowski does not care, either.

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