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Jerry Reese: Giants had Watkins ahead of Beckham


Before the draft, Giants general manager Jerry Reese was taken by Odell Beckham, but it's safe to say even he was a little surprised.

On a radio tour this afternoon, Reese said that Beckham was not the highest rated receiver on the team's board. Beckham was the third receiver taken in the 2014 draft.

"We did not have Beckham ahead of (Sammy) Watkins," Reese said on WFAN 660.

Beckham had an incredible rookie season and missed the first four games of the year. He finished with 91 receptions for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns, or the greatest season for a rookie wideout since Randy Moss in 1998.

Beckham was more than just numbers, though. He made the rest of a dismal season watchable. There's a good chance he also helped cloud some of the actual issues plaguing the Giants.

The team's co-owner, John Mara, said earlier on the same show that he feels he can win a Super Bowl with Tom Coughlin. Would he have felt that way if the team finished 4-12?

As curious as we are to see what Watkins could have done in a version of the Giants' offense with Eli Manning at quarterback, we think Reese is content with the way the draft worked out.

"It could look like something at one point and you get him out there on Sunday and they look like something else," Reese said. "We felt like this kid (Beckham) was a gifted player and if he was there with our highest pick he was an easy pick for us. When we were on the clock there really was nothing for us to talk about."

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