Davis: Colts used Seahawks 'blueprint' to beat Broncos


Andrew Luck will garner the headlines and torch-passing talk this week, but the Indianapolis Colts' defense deserves credit for clamping down on one of the best wide receiver groups in the NFL in Sunday's 24-13 road victory over the Denver Broncos.

Cornerback Vontae Davis put on a show for the national audience, in what was a season of golden performances for the Pro Bowl selection. After the victory Davis said the Colts mimicked the game plan the Seattle Seahawks used to beat down Denver last year.

"Seattle gave us the blueprint in the Super Bowl," Davis said, per The Indianapolis Star. "What we did was similar to what Seattle did, as far as taking their receivers away."

Davis and Co. beat up Broncos receivers at the line of scrimmage, took away the middle of the field and dared Peyton Manning to beat them with long sideline throws.

One pivotal drive in the fourth quarter came after Denver cut the lead to eight and Luck and the offense went three-and-out while taking just 29 seconds off the clock. The Colts' D then forced their own three-play series, with Davis knocking away two passes. Indy iced the game on the next drive.

"We want some of that glory, too," safety Mike Adams said. "Show us some love. We know Luck's going to do his thing. We know Luck's gonna ball out. So for a defense, we want our own identity. We want to do our own things."

If they do those things and knock off Tom Brady a week after sending Manning to the showers, there is no doubt the Colts' defense will get their day in the sun in Arizona.

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