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Why did Steve Smith miss meeting with Patriots?


Steve Smith Sr. was coveted by the Patriots this offseason, but ended up not taking a free agent visit because of ... bad weather?

"I think flights were kind of ... they had a little bad weather," Smith said Wednesday, via "And then also, this is my first time being a free agent, everything was new to me. I just went in there just not thinking about what was lined up and just taking one trip at a time and going with my gut."

Smith's gut led him to sign with the Ravens and that decision still put him into the playoffs where he has a Saturday date in Foxborough, but it's hard to imagine what New England's offense would look like with the addition of another playmaker.

Over the years, Bill Belichick has endured criticism for not supplying Tom Brady with big-name targets at wide receiver. After Randy Moss, the list fizzles out and he's left largely with the players Belichick wisely drafted.

Smith's personality would have been an interesting fit, but his talent would almost certainly have put this year's Patriots team in another realm.

Unfortunately, there was some bad weather that week.

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