Jason Pierre-Paul: 'This is like the playoffs for us'


We've reached that part of the season when the New York Giants are already declaring games must win.

"This is like the playoffs for us," defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul said, per Newsday. "We gotta win, basically. We gotta win ... (the playoffs) have started."

Yes, even in Week 9 we've already reached desperation stage for some teams. Others have already been forked.

It's not a new experience for the Giants, who have needed winning streaks to get into the playoffs during their two most recent Super Bowl runs.

At 3-4 the Giants sit two games back in the loss column to both the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC East.

"Nine weeks of focus, nine weeks for a season, nine weeks of passion, all of those things," linebacker Jameel McClain added. "We get a chance to show the world who we are, how we finish, and it's a great opportunity for this team to prevail. My mentality is nine weeks to win."

We'll get the "one game at a time" clichés and the like before the season is out, but there is no questioning that Monday night's home tussle with the Indianapolis Colts marks a significant moment in the season's pendulum swing for Big Blue.

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