Ravens' Steve Smith: NFC South 'is a finesse division'


The Baltimore Ravens steamrolled the soft Atlanta Falcons 29-7 on Sunday by dominating their visiting opponent in all facets.

"I mean, football is a physical game," Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith said after the win when asked about things getting chippy, per the team's official website. "We play in the AFC North -- a physical division. That's just football."

Smith then took the opportunity to slam his old division.

"(The) NFC South is a finesse division," he said. "The AFC North is a physical, downhill, blue-collar football (division),"

It's difficult to argue with Smith's statement. The Carolina Panthers, Smith's former team, lead the division with a 3-3-1 record and have a minus-37 point differential. The preseason favorite New Orleans Saints are 2-4 and have a division-best minus-10 point differential. The entire division is 2-12-1 on the road. 

The Ravens have specifically toyed with the NFC South this season, beating the Panthers, Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a combined score of 115-34 (an average of 27 points).

The truth-words from Steve Smith have to sting for fans of 89's former team.

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