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Ranking every FBS team at midseason: Nos. 1-10


We're at the midway point of the season, and the first season with a playoff has been a wild one, as evidenced by the state of Mississippi being the focal point of the college football world.

Here's our midseason look at all 128 teams. The top 25 was unveiled earlier this week.

1. Mississippi State (6-0)

Buzz: The Bulldogs and their fans are living the dream: Mississippi State is a legitimate national title contender and QB Dak Prescott is one of the top two Heisman candidates.

2. Florida State (6-0)

Buzz: The never-ending Jameis Winston saga has dominated headlines. It also has somewhat obscured the fact that the Seminoles aren't playing at nearly the same level they did last season.

3. Baylor (6-0)

Buzz: The offense is absolutely relentless. But at some point, that defense is going to have to play for a whole game against a top-notch opponent. Can it do so?

4. Notre Dame (6-0)

Buzz: Are the Fighting Irish really a national title contender? We'll find out Saturday, when they travel to Tallahassee.

5. Mississippi (6-0)

Buzz: That defense is nasty and makes life miserable for opposing quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, offensive linemen ... you get the idea. Ultimately, though, how far this team goes depends on QB Bo Wallace.

6. Oregon (5-1)

Buzz: OT Jake Fisher returned from injury last week, and his presence made a big difference. Sort of funny, huh, that an offensive lineman could have that type of effect on the Ducks' high-flying offense?

7. Michigan State (5-1)

Buzz: The Spartans are the best team in the Big Ten. But that designation and a quarter will get you a phone call -- assuming, of course, you can find a pay phone.

8. Alabama (5-1)

Buzz: The offense really has bogged down the past two weeks. With games left against Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Auburn, it had better get back into gear.

9. Auburn (5-1)

Buzz: A lot of folks seemingly have written off the Tigers after their loss to Mississippi State. Gee, isn't that what happened last season after they suffered a loss to LSU?

10. Oklahoma (5-1)

Buzz: The Sooners have three tough games in the second half of the season, and all three are at home: Kansas State, Baylor, and Oklahoma State.

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