Romo: We need more Cowboys fans at home games


The Dallas Cowboys couldn't help but notice how many fans were rooting against them in their own building on Sunday.

For the first time in his 12-year career, Tony Romo was forced to use a silent snap count at home. Right guard Zack Martin tapped center Travis Frederick's leg when Romo called for the snap.

Romo would expect to do this if the game were played in Houston. But at home? It counts as a troubling development.

"No question today we played on the road throughout a lot of it," Romo said after the Cowboys20-17 overtime win. "It was probably half and half our fans to their fans. I don't know what it was, more than you can just tell with the crowd noise. That was every bit as loud as going to St. Louis or Tennessee.

"We need to understand that. We lose a lot of our ability to do some things at the line of scrimmage, pre-snap and lot of stuff that gives us a big advantages."

The paid attendance was announced at 91,159. Could Texans fans really have traveled more than 40,000 deep, as Romo estimated? Accurate or not, Romo was outspoken in his assessment that Cowboys fans can't let that happen again.

"For sure my perspective, we have to make sure going forward we have a lot more percentage all Cowboys," he said. "The funny thing is when we are all here it's been rocking. This place has really been a tough place for other teams to come in and win when it gets going. I think the fans have been awesome this year.

"We just need to tighten up maybe on selling our tickets."

The 4-1 Cowboys have been the picture of NFL mediocrity in the Jason Garrett era, which perhaps has given some fans pause about visiting Jerrah World. But this is a narrative that has popped up repeatedly since the building opened in 2009.

It's an issue that's become too loud to ignore.

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