Giants push past Falcons for third straight win


The New York Giants are on a serious roll. Here's what you need to know after their 30-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons Sunday.

1. The Giants' three-game winning streak starts up front. The offensive line looks better than it has since the '07 and '08 seasons. Eli Manning had loads of time to survey the field, while the running game wore the Falcons down Sunday. New York ended the game on a 20-0 run in the final 18 minutes.

2. Andre Williams runs with rare power. Giants starter Rashad Jennings left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury, and Williams proceeded to look like he was shot out of a cannon on power runs up the middle. Williams seeks contact and ran over defenders to pick up a touchdown and key first downs to put the game away.

3. The Falcons survived the loss of two more starting offensive linemen fairly well. But the lack of faith in their running game showed up late when they called for a pass play on a do-or-die fourth down late in the game. Matt Ryan was sacked by Johnathan Hankins. It was reminiscent of Atlanta's fourth-and-short woes in New Jersey in their playoff loss after the 2011 season.

4. The Falcons are 0-3 on the road (and 2-3 overall). We continue to think the NFC South will only get one playoff team this year.

5. Ryan stood tall against pressure and the Falcons schemed plenty of smart short passes. Ryan played well overall, but the lack of protection eventually showed up, with Jason Pierre-Paul and Hankins both wreaking havoc on Atlanta's rhythm.

6. The new, controlled Eli Manning is here to stay. He isn't pulling off many flashy throws, or even trying them. But he continues to make smart decisions and look accurate. He has eight scores and one interception in his last three games.

7. Williams wasn't the only Giants offensive rookie to impress. Odell Beckham caught the go-ahead touchdown, finishing with four catches for 44 yards. With Rueben Randle, Victor Cruz and Larry Donnell all in the mix, Manning suddenly has a surplus of weapons.

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