Panthers' Williams dons goggles to face Steve Smith


Most of the discussion surrounding the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Carolina Panthers on Sunday has revolved around Steve Smith facing his former teammates.

Less talk has taken place of how those teammates will react to facing Smith.

Linebacker Thomas Davis said he looks forward to tackling the wideout -- but don't expect him to help Smith up after a takedown.

"We talk trash a lot," linebacker Thomas Davis said, per The Charlotte Observer. "We talked trash a lot when he was here, so nothing's changed now that he's gone.

"I'll talk to him after the game, but I'm not helping him up."

Another of Smith's former teammates, DeAngelo Williams, wore ski goggles during his media session Thursday.

You'll remember Smith, after being cut by the Panthers, declared that, if he faced his former team, folks should look out: "Put your goggles on because there's going to be blood and guts everywhere."

Williams played coy about the reason behind the goggles, claiming they were an homage to Eric Dickerson. However, the stunt was clearly in response to Smith's rant.

"I know he's going to be super excited when we get there. He kind of left us a message the first game of the season, so we're looking forward to that," Williams said, per

That message was an expletive-filled diatribe, wherein Smith stated that "if you (expletive) think I can't play, you're gonna find out in Week 4. (expletive)!''

Whether Smith's teammates thought he couldn't play, they've clearly been listening to what he said he's going to do Sunday.

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