Chris Harris: Russell Wilson is better than Andrew Luck


The Broncos have seen two of the game's finest young passers up close and personal this season, but at least one Denver defender says there's no competition between Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck.

"Keep talking up Andrew Luck," Broncos cornerback Chris Harris said Sunday, per Vic Lombardi of KCNC-TV. "Russell Wilson is better than Luck. No question."

Harris was part of a Broncos defense that could do nothing to stop Wilson as the Seahawks barreled downfield on a 13-play, 80-yard touchdown march to seal Seattle's 26-20 win in overtime on Sunday.

That game-winning drive saw Wilson badger the Broncos with three scrambles for 16 yards, with two of those runs converting key third downs for Seattle. A crisp 24 of 34 on the afternoon for 258 yards and a pair of touchdown tosses, Wilson moved to an outrageous 7-0 against Peyton Manning (2-0), Drew Brees (2-0), Aaron Rodgers (2-0) and Tom Brady (1-0) over his three-year career.

Wilson's Seahawks have done more to break the hearts of Broncos fans over the past eight months than Seattle ever accomplished during its long run as Denver's divisional foe in the old AFC West.

From that angle, Harris makes a worthy point: So many leap to call Luck the game's top young signal-caller while looking at Wilson as more of a game-manager supreme surrounded by a nasty run game and one of the era's most dominant defenses.

Wilson, though, has proven that he's worlds beyond that classification, worthy of being seen for what he is: A top-10 quarterback with the chance to soar much higher. Luck is right there with him.

After spending the past decade debating the pecking order of Manning vs. Brady, fans can look forward to years of debate over the divergent styles and merits of Luck and Wilson. It's an argument nobody loses if these two young arms continue to bloom.

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