T.J. Yates: Houston Texans 'trying to mimic' Patriots


The Houston Texans aren't shying away from how much they are trying to emulate the New England Patriots.

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Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel cited learning to employ a flexable defense during his time under Bill Belichick.

On the offensive side of the ball, Texans coach Bill O'Brien was with the Pats from 2007 to 2011 as a wide receivers coach, quarterbacks coach or offensive coordinator.

To prep for what the new offense will look like, the Texans quarterbacks are studying film of the Patriots' offense during O'Brien's stint.

"Obviously watch a lot of Patriots film and seeing how they do it," T.J. Yates said, per CSN Houston. "We're trying to mimic them right now."

It makes perfect sense for the Texans to study old Patriots film to get a grasp of the style of plays O'Brien likes to run. (Unfortunately, none of the quarterbacks in the Texans' film room is Tom Brady.)

The quarterbacks are also using the film to get a sense of the tempo O'Brien likes to run.

"Our view of tempo has evolved especially those of us who were in New England," the coach said. "We were a huddle team in New England and we were always a huddle team in New England. But then the last few years I was there we incorporated more no huddle and different tempos of no huddle."

In May, it's good for the Texans' flawed quarterbacks to study any new perspective they can get their hands on. And who doesn't like watching Brady slinging it to Rob Gronkowski?

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