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John Harbaugh very concerned with Ravens' incidents


John Harbaugh is "very concerned" with the Baltimore Ravens' recent rash of off-the-field incidents.

There was of course Ray Rice's assault charge involving his wife. And then there was fourth-round rookie running back Lorenzo Taliaferro's recent arrest for alleged destruction of property and being drunk in public.

The common denominator in these two run-ins with the law? Alcohol, Harbaugh said.

"I'm disappointed in some of the silliness that's going on," Harbaugh stated at a news conference Thursday. "Guys are young. But a couple of things we told them yesterday was ... while you may be 22, 23, 25, 26, it's not like your 22- and 23-year-old buddies. You're not in the same position they're in.

"You gotta grow up faster than your pals," Harbaugh added. "So you can't go home and run around with your pals and think you're in the same place that they're in."

Harbaugh believes that it's goes beyond calling a cab when players are intoxicated -- he doesn't want them getting drunk at all because it's not good "training method" for world-class athletes.

After Taliaferro's incident, Harbaugh said he made the rookie run 18 gassers. As for Rice, Harbaugh said he's "very disappointed in what he did but no more so than Ray."

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