Belichick: Patriots not that interested in Mallett trade


Reports of the Houston Texans' interest in New England Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett began surfacing in early March and have yet to subside.

In a Thursday interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, Bill Belichick did his best to put the rumors to rest.

A Mallett trade is "not something we're that interested in," Belichick said.

The subtle inclusion of the word "that" stops short of an outright denial of Mallett's availability.

"We feel like we have a good quarterback situation," Belichick continued. " ... That's not a good position to not feel good about."

What's not to feel good about? Second-round pick Jimmy Garappolo is a developmental prospect, but the Patriots are counting on him to be ready to back up Tom Brady by the time Mallett's contract runs out next offseason.

If the Texans or another team wants Belichick to forfeit his quarterback insurance, they are going to have to meet his asking price.

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