Cowboys VP: Johnny Manziel talk 'purely speculation'


There's no way the Dallas Cowboys will reveal any potential plan involving Johnny Manziel ahead of next week's draft.

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That won't stop people from asking them about it, of course.

"There's not anything I can say about it," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told KRLD-FM (via The Dallas Morning News) on Tuesday. "We haven't quite gotten into sorting out the quarterbacks yet, that will come, in terms of finalizing our board."

"The only thing I'll say about Johnny Manziel is he obviously had a great career in college -- one of the greatest college football players that I've watched in terms of exciting and being a great competitor," he added. "Those are things we'll work through and there's a lot of things that go into where you ultimately put a player on your board."

The Cowboys pick 16th overall. There's been speculation that the depth in this draft will cause the top quarterbacks to drop later into the first round. If that happens, Manziel could be there for Dallas' taking. Would the Cowboys be able to resist The Last Temptation Of Johnny Football?

"I think those are all things that we'll have to work out," Jones said of picking Manziel at No. 16. "Purely speculation."

Well, you can't blame the radio guys for trying. In truth, the Cowboys have far more pressing needs than quarterback, a position Tony Romo -- back surgery notwithstanding -- has held down extremely well for close to a decade.

Still, the Cowboys and Johnny Football kind of seem like they belong together, don't they? You have to wonder if Jerry Jones agrees.

A possible future for Johnny Football at Jerrah World was discussed with great passion on the latest edition of the "Around The League Podcast."