Brandon Jacobs clearly no fan of 49ers' Jim Harbaugh


When Brandon Jacobs announced his retirement earlier this month, he made sure to praise the New York Giants as a "great organization" he was proud to be associated with for nearly a decade.

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Not surprisingly, Jacobs made no reference to his brief tenure with the San Francisco 49ers. The running back's blink-and-you'll-miss-it 2012 run by the bay produced a grand total of five carries and one suspension before he was unceremoniously released.

The experience built no bond between Jacobs and Jim Harbaugh. That was made quite clear when Jacobs was asked about the 49ers coach during a radio appearance in New York on Thursday morning.

"He is a b---- and that's why he hasn't won anything," Jacobs told WFAN-AM.

Harbaugh's 49ers have sandwiched a wrenching Super Bowl loss with two narrow NFC Championship Game defeats in the past three seasons. We're not really on board with this being an indicator Harbaugh is a female canine -- either literally or figuratively -- but every man is entitled to his opinion. Even Brandon Jacobs.

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