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Gridiron Breakdown: Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady


Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will go after it again for the 15th time, and once again a trip to the Super Bowl will be on the line. You could read all of your statistics, breakdowns and analysis. But let's see what's really important. Let's take them to the grid.

And without further ado ...

Player Peyton Manning
Tom Brady Give it to ...
Draft Number: 1 199 Manning
Super Bowl titles: 1 3 Brady

Eli Manning (brother)

Kevin Youklis (brother-in-law)
Manning. Blood is thicker than designated hitters.
Why he might dislike Eli: Has more Super Bowl titles. Lost those Super Bowl titles to Eli. Peyton. While it must be tough for Brady, he's won three of them. And, it's not like he has to share a table with him for the holidays like Peyton will.
Losing meme: Manning face Bradying Manning because Manning face.
Jersey number: 18 12 Manning. Surprised? Well, Brady must share with Bradshaw, Staubach, Namath and other great No. 12s. Peyton owns 18, outside of a few ardent Charlie Joiner fans in San Diego.
Where does he rank in jersey sales? 2 7 Manning
Commercial success: Cut that meat Invisible game Manning. Because no matter how good the commercial is, it's for Uggs. And really, Manning owns a number of pizza franchises in a state that just legalized marijuana.
American car of choice:

Buick Verano

Dodge Dart
Manning. Buick is an underrated car.
The Simpsons: Oh Brother, Where Bart Though? Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass Brady. Solid performances all around, even though the thought of the Manning brothers playing keep away from Cooper is how I always imagined it.
The 007 Look:

Manning in a tux

Brady in a tux
Brady. Seriously.
A hand at comedy: Manning Brothers Rap Funny or Die Push. The concept of Brady's piece is solid, but it's a little too long. And really, Eli steals the show in the rap video.
Saturday Night Live: United Way Spoof Training Day Manning. Although, you can sense Manning wasn't acting in that one.
Housing: Manning's house Brady's house

Brady. His house comes with Gisele.
Want to buy him a round?

Bud Light

frozen margarita
Manning. Bud Light is about the least appetizing beer available anywhere. Yet, it's still miles ahead of a frozen margarita. At least get that (expletive) on the rocks.


Final tally: Manning is the winner, at least in off-the-field endeavors. But if he doesn't win this game, there's no amount of great commercials and Omaha memes that will erase this one.

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