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Pick 6: Best Johnny Manziel pop culture moments


Nobody tell Mark Cuban, but interest in Johnny Manziel's pro day far exceeded that of his Dallas Mavericks' upset of the Oklahoma City Thunder the other night. And it probably had more star power on the sidelines, too. Former President George H.W. Bush flocked to see what Johnny Football would do during his Pro Day.

Not that it matters. I mean, Manziel could have popped open a cold one and drank it at midfield and he'd still be my first player off the board. Seriously, did you guys not see him play over the last two years? The kid is amazing. But the spectacle of his pro day, however, might have been more impressive. Manziel donned shoulder pads and a helmet as he went through his scripted throwing session. Something that's never been done before. Social media was buzzing and NFL Network showed the whole thing live. And did I mention the Secret Service was nearby?

Even when it comes to the mundane practice of, well, practice, Johnny Football continues to set himself apart from everybody else. With that in mind, it's time to look back at Manziel's six greatest pop culture moments from the past couple of years. He's been so amazing, even winning the Heisman Trophy doesn't crack the list. Because look at this:

And without further ado ...

  • Welcome to the club

    Manziel landed his first commercial, which isn't a huge deal when you consider most first-round quarterbacks land commercials. But in this McDonald's ad, he's in it with Mia Hamm! Oh yeah, I guess LeBron James makes a cameo, too. (Please don't.)

  • Getting kicked out of a frat party

    Manziel was escorted out of a Texas fraternity party. Apparently, beating your rivals repeatedly will do this. While the video is fun, I don't think we are giving him enough credit for having the guts to actually walk into the party in the first place. That would actually move him up my draft board. I mean, he showed no fear walking into enemy territory. Bold!

  • Other sports endeavors

    Manziel did the requisite rounds of throwing out the first pitch both at Rangers Ballpark at Arlington and PetCo Park in San Diego. (He even showed a nice stroke as he took batting practice in San Diego.) But maybe the most impressive was the 79 he shot at Pebble Beach. I'd rank that higher than with winning the Heisman Trophy as a freshman.

  • "Tonight Show"

    All right, to be a guest on the "Tonight Show" might not be what it once was (though that has changed with Jimmy Fallon as host), it's still pretty (expletive) cool, even if it was with Jay Leno. And Johnny knocked it out of the park when he brought a gift for Megan Fox's kid.

  • He's got a sense of humor

    Like a lot of you, I love a good ironic, hipster jersey. But I nearly fell out of my chair when Johnny was photographed in a Tim Tebow jersey. At some point, I figure that I'm just going to ask that he's put on the $100 bill. (Please, let the subtlety of that joke go and just enjoy it.)

  • He hung out with Drake

    I won't be a poser. I haven't listened to rap since Paul's Boutique came out. But even I can recognize just how cool it would be to hang out with Drake. Just ask Amanda Bynes. But this was further proof, we're all just living in Johnny's world.


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