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Pick Six: All-Time NFL Hipster Jerseys


Colin Kaepernick has the highest selling jersey, according to NFL Shop. (Go buy one right now.) We know that many of you aren't 49ers fans, but you just like to wear cool jerseys for fashion. As evidenced by the (expletive) storm Kaepernick caused when he was photographed in a Dolphins hat.

But anybody can get a Kaepernick jersey. They're everywhere (but seriously, buy it from NFL Shop). If you want to be a true football hipster, here are the six jerseys that are bound to turn heads no matter where you go.

Yes, I thought about adding a Kaepernick Dolphins jersey to the mix because of the previously mentioned controversy. But doesn't actually play for the Dolphins. I'm going to disallow it.

And without further ado ...

  • Flash Gordon - New York Jets

    That's right, the 1980 sci-fi classic has once again reached cult status because of the movie "Ted" released last year. Now the Flash No. 19 Jets jersey has moved past the Johnny Utah Ohio State jersey and the Ray Finkle as the movie-jersey to own.

  • Brett Favre - Atlanta Falcons

    This one might not be very popular in Atlanta, seeing the Falcons were fleeced in the Favre trade at the time. But this jersey is a must for those guys who like to show how "hip" they are in their NFL knowledge to know Favre started with the Falcons.

  • Earl Campbell - New Orleans Saints

    The trade that landed Campbell in the Big Easy was unpopular at the time because the team already had George Rodgers. What makes this cool is that Campbell wore No. 35 for the Saints. Be wary of the knockoffs with the Campbell No. 34 Saints jersey.

  • Steve Young - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The orange creamsicle uniforms hold up like an 80's sitcom. We remember them much more fondly than they actually were. If you're going to own a creamsicle, you could do worse than a Steve Young jersey. Bonus points if you also own a Young USFL jersey.

  • Joe Namath - Los Angeles Rams

    Oh that's right, Namath played for the Los Angeles Rams. It was a last-ditch effort for Namath to get back to the Super Bowl. The quarterback-needy Los Angeles Rams seemed like a perfect fit. It wasn't, but the jersey sure is.

  • Jerry Rice - Denver Broncos

    I love this one because Jerry kind of shamed Steve Largent into pulling his No. 80 out of the rafters when Rice went to Seattle (jerk move to even ask). But Rod Smith wouldn't play that game and Rice had to opt for the No. 19.


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