Tony Romo has to prove us wrong, Chris Canty says


Poor Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys star was this close to the greatest statistical performance by a quarterback in NFL history Sunday. Instead, well, you know what happened.

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During a Wednesday appearance on NFL Network's "Around the League Live," Baltimore Ravens defensive end Chris Canty offered up his opinion on the matter. It's a familiar one.

"It's never been a matter of the talent with Tony Romo," Canty told NFL Media's Andrew Siciliano. "It's always been about the six inches between his ears."

Siciliano asked Canty, a nine-year veteran, if Romo's propensity for Greek tragedy can wear on teammates.

"I'm sure it does for those guys in that locker room," Canty said. "This is a football team that's tremendously talented. They want to win now. They have an opportunity in the division that they're in. It's a situation where your quarterback has to lead you. And so thus far he hasn't done that.

"That's one of the things that coach (Bill) Parcells always says, you are what you are in this business," Canty added. "And Tony Romo is a great statistical quarterback that always seems to make the mistake that costs his football team the game. That's what he's been so far and that's what he'll continue to be until he proves us wrong."

We can't say we agree with any of this, but Canty speaks to popular sentiment. If you ask us, Romo's mental game -- aka that six-inch real estate between the ears -- has kept him at an elite level.

If Romo weren't mentally tough, he would've washed out of the league years ago.

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