Christian Ponder to stay on Vikings for now, GM says


Minnesota Vikings coach Leslie Frazier said Monday that the signing of quarterback Josh Freeman won't affect Christian Ponder's "bright future" with the team.

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Predictably, general manager Rick Spielman on Monday wheeled out the same song and dance, telling reporters, via The Star Tribune, that the acquisition of Freeman has "no determination on where Christian Ponder is."

Spielman also cited Ponder's "bright future," saying this simply was "an opportunity to go out and add another football player that we have high regard for."

When asked if Ponder would remain on the roster for the rest of the season, Spielman said: "As of right now, yeah."

It's reminiscent of when Spielman spent months telling us the Vikings had "no intent to trade" Percy Harvin. Frazier used those exact same words in a conversation with Around The League, but weeks later, Harvin was Seattle-bound.

Expect a similar situation here. Pretty words about Ponder, followed by Ponder's benching.

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