Leslie Frazier not buying Percy Harvin trade rumors


INDIANAPOLIS -- After Leslie Frazier spoke with reporters Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine, I had a chance to catch the Minnesota Vikings coach for a one-on-one interview. We chatted about wide receiver Percy Harvin's status.

ATL: Obviously, Harvin's become a big storyline for this team. He's perceived as disgruntled. What's really going on?

LF: I think it's more media-driven. You don't hear anything from me or (general manager) Rick Spielman from a negative standpoint, I think it's more media-driven, I really do.

ATL: So your perception is that Percy wants to play for the Vikings next season?

LF: That's my perception. I'm hoping that it works out that he will be, but you read so many different things, and I sometimes wonder, where's that coming from? Because in my conversations with him, I'm not getting that.

ATL: If a team came to you and blew you away with a trade offer, would you listen?

LF: I think what Rick said is what you want to be able to go with, the fact that he said there's no intent to trade Percy. And that's pretty much where it is.

ATL: Let's say a team offered their No. 1 pick, for instance. Is there a way someone could sway your thinking?

LF: You never want to get into hypotheticals in this business.

ATL: So your relationship with Percy is pretty good?

LF: Oh, yeah.

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