Did Tom Brady reveal Matt Cassel as Vikings' starter?


Tom Brady is good at a lot of things. Breaking news usually is not one of them. But he might have accidentally let a nugget slip Wednesday while talking to New England Patriots reporters.

Brady was talking about his former backup quarterbacks, Matt Cassel and Brian Hoyer, in general when he said the following:

"I'm friends with both those guys," Brady said. "Matt Cassel, who may be starting this weekend. Brian, I text back and forth."

Vikings starter Christian Ponder revealed Wednesday that he injured his ribs in last week's loss. He was listed as a limited participant on Wednesday's injury report. NFL Media's Aditi Kinkhabwala noted that Ponder finished last week's game, which is a good sign for his availability. Then again, Ponder missed a routine throw late in the fourth quarter that could have put the game away. Perhaps this injury gives the Vikings a chance to take a look at Cassel. 

Brady's comments suggest a little inside information. There's a chance Brady is just a voracious reader of Around The League, but it's more likely that Cassel gave Brady a ring to talk about Sunday's potential start against the Pittsburgh Steelers in London. (Brady and Cassel always have been close.)

Brady is unlikely to have to address the issue again. If he did, he'd surely deny he meant anything by the comment. Not revealing unnecessary information is the Patriot Way, even if it's about other teams.

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