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Darrelle Revis prepping Buccaneers mates for Patriots


Darrelle Revis spent the first six years of his NFL career with the New York Jets, where he was taught to dislike the New England Patriots.

"I think you get brainwashed being a New York Jet," Revis told NFL Media's Albert Breer this week. "You're supposed to hate the Patriots, and vice versa, if you're a Patriot, you're supposed to hate New York."

Now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Revis said he's heading into Sunday's showdown with Tom Brady and the Patriots with the same gusto he did while wearing green. He also said his Bucs coaches have been peppering him with questions on how to slow down Brady.

"I've been helping as much as I can, just trying to make sure everybody's on the same page," Revis told Breer. "It's really simple: Tom doesn't have the chemistry that he did with some of the veteran receivers. You can see that a little bit, the young guys are trying to get acclimated and get used his fire and the way he runs his offense. We see that confusion a little. I've been helping the guys, telling them how (the Patriots) run their routes, the rub routes, and a bunch of other things."

Brady spoke glowingly of Revis earlier in the week, saying it was "ironic" to see the former Jet leave the division only to return to Foxborough in Week 3.

The Bucs' stout defense has the playmakers up front to pressure Brady. Dashon Goldson's suspension being overturned earlier in the week should also pay huge dividends for the Bucs' secondary.

When two All-Pro players like Revis and Brady match wits on the football field it's always an intriguing matchup.

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