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Kurt Warner: Dez Bryant not used creatively in Dallas


Michael Irvin continues to lead the Dez Bryant cheering section. The former No. 88 stood by his 2013 MVP selection, saying Sunday on NFL Network's "GameDay Morning" that the attention opposing defenses devote to Bryant should be an important part of the equation.

"He is the focal point of the Dallas Cowboys' offense ... and of all defenses," Irvin said. "These guys are so focused on Dez. ... His presence even when he's not making receptions still affects the game."

Kurt Warner said Bryant drawing attention away from other receivers is not enough for the playmaker, and he specifically called out the Cowboys' coaching staff for how they used Bryant last week.

"When they changed play-callers, I thought this was going to be innovative," Warner said. "I thought it was going to be creative. I'm expecting them to move him around. I'm expecting them to put him in positions to succeed."

Warner has extensive experience with including big-time wide receivers in the game plan. His take on how the Cowboys use Bryant harkens to Warner's days hooking up with Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona.

"One thing I know is if I have my best player, I'm not going to let another team take him out of the game so I can throw to somebody else," Warner said. "I'm going to find a way to get my best player involved so they can't take him away. I didn't see that. I saw the same formations, the same lack of creativity."

Bryant had just four receptions for 22 yards against the New York Giants in the opener. He was bracketed by coverage all night long. Tony Romo spread the ball around, going back to his security blankets, Miles Austin and Jason Witten.

Bryant will play through an injury to his left foot, but as Warner pointed out, that shouldn't stop the Cowboys from looking to get the ball to their most talented receiver.

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