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Terrell Suggs: Joe Flacco's Super Bowl ring speaks loud

  • By Kevin Patra
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Joe Flacco doesn't receive the national respect many Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks garner for leading their team to a championship.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs said Wednesday all his quarterback has to do to answer the questions is flash his bling.

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"Well, he doesn't have to do any talking -- all he has to do is flash his ring," Suggs said per the Ravens' official website. "There are a lot of quarterbacks that have been in this league longer than him with marquee quote, unquote, bigger names than him and bigger personalities than him. But they don't have that hardware. A lot of them can't even say that they've been in the playoffs every year of their career. So, I think his résumé speaks for itself, and I don't think myself or Joe need to do any more talking concerning that."

Suggs' comments came on the heels of Flacco's confident statement Tuesday heading into the season.

"I can't really complain at this point," Flacco said, per USA Today. "We won last year. I have a lot of money -- I'm going to get a lot of money -- and we're going to win a lot of football games. That's the way it is around here."

We love the bravado from the Super Bowl champs as they seek to defend their title with a revamped squad.

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