John Harbaugh hasn't thought of replacing Ray Lewis


Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh has been good for a quote this week.

After clawing at the press for repeatedly asking about a potential Super Bowl hangover -- "I would say to the media, 'Just get over it.' " -- Harbaugh snipped at another tedious line of questioning.

With two-time Super Bowl winner Ray Lewis headed into the sunset, The Baltimore Sun noted that one reporter ventured to inquire who might replace Lewis as the face of the franchise.

"I've given it no thought whatsoever," Harbaugh said. "It's a pretty general question. Who was the voice and face of the franchise?"

"Ray Lewis," the reporter replied.

"Oh, OK," Harbaugh said. "Well, that's your interpretation."

So dismissive. So fantastic. And Harbaugh deserves credit. He has done a strong job leading the Ravens out of last season's glory into an active, roster-altering offseason.

In March, it was in vogue to label Baltimore a wandering ship. Veterans were purged, and, for a spell, it was unclear how the talent would be restocked. Then general manager Ozzie Newsome rolled up his sleeves, patched holes, put together another solid draft and -- BANG -- the Ravens arguably are better on defense than one season ago.

With or without Ray Ray.

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