Tony Romo: Dallas Cowboys trying to take next step


Tony Romo enters the 2013 season with plenty to feel good about.

He's financially secure for life, healthy after surgery to remove a cyst from his back, and he's playing for a team that truly believes in him.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback spoke with NFL Network's Michael Irvin about his new contract and the expectations that come with it.

"More than anything, you just play this game to win," Romo said. "You do everything in your power, no matter what happens around you with money or anything really, you're just going to play and you're going to give everything you've got and exhaust yourself to the (maximum).

"If you're doing anything different than that, you're just selling yourself and your team short," Romo added. "The money aspect of it doesn't change. We're trying to do something here, trying to take that next step."

Romo now is 33. More is expected of him as he progresses in the second half of his career. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been vocal about Romo becoming more involved in game planning. Irvin asked Jones how else Romo can step up in 2013.

"Tony, take it over. Be proprietary about this thing, it's yours," Jones said. "Put it out there, put the plays out there you want. Ask that they be run. Don't take any BS. When there's supposed to be practice, practice some, get out there, and put Romo's, not only his mind, but in the game.

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"He told me, he said 'You know, when I'm through playing ball, I want to be an offensive coordinator. One of the biggest shame things for me is that I may never have gotten to run my own plays, I think I'm a heckuva offensive coordinator.' "

It appears Romo now will have that chance.

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