Jason Garrett boring? Cowboys coach says you decide


Jason Garrett probably figured his Monday meeting with reporters would be a nuts-and-bolts affair. He'd talk about the Dallas Cowboys, touch on the team's goals, perhaps dish about some Tony Romo back growth.

Instead, he was asked about his personality. More specifically, if the coach believed he was boring.

"I don't really know the nature of that question," Garrett replied, the annoyance in his eyes hidden by a pair of stylish sunglasses.

To our surprise, the reporter -- unseen on camera -- dug in. The reporter explained that Garrett told Cowboys players to be boring, brief and professional with the media in his opening remarks at training camp. That meeting was recorded and subsequently posted on Peter King's new football website.

How that message ties into Garrett's personality was unclear, but that didn't prevent him from being asked again. Jason Garrett ... are you boring?

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"I think boring is probably a subjective term," Garrett said, now just counting down the seconds until this all would end. "Some people find certain things boring, other people don't. Some people think baseball is the most boring game ever. I was just talking about my dad, he's riveted to 162 baseball games every night. He loves it. Every part of that game. So I think it's probably a subjective thing in life, and I think it's probably in the eye of the beholder."

If Bill Parcells was asked the same question at training camp, you safely can assume a podium would be sitting on top of somebody. Perhaps the reporter should be happy Garrett is boring ... subjectively speaking, of course.

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