Bill Parcells: I'd start my team with Lawrence Taylor


An otherwise mundane Bill Parcells conference call gained an unexpected level of intrigue Wednesday when it came time for the final question.

Readers' choice for players to start a franchise with*
Pct. vote
30.9 percent
Lawrence Taylor
10.3 percent
8.8 percent
Walter Payton
8.8 percent
7.4 percent
5.9 percent
Reggie White
5.9 percent
Emmitt Smith
4.4 percent
Jerry Rice
4.4 percent
Joe Montana
4.4 percent
Johnny Unitas
2.9 percent
Barry Sanders
1.5 percent
Brett Favre
1.5 percent
* Bill Parcells said he would pick Lawrence Taylor to start a franchise with one player (past or present). Around The League asked readers on Twitter to submit their votes.

"If you had the chance to start your NFL team with any player you've ever seen, coached, coached against,"'s Peter Schrager asked, "who would be that one player in NFL history you'd start your team with?"

Parcells pondered the hypothetical.

"There are priority positions in this game, quarterback is one of those, so I consider that," Parcells began. "But if you're pinning me down -- I'm a little prejudiced -- I think I'd take Lawrence Taylor."

Why's that?

"Because I know he's going to be there every Sunday and try his best to win, for sure," Parcells explained.

Not the most compelling argument for selecting L.T. first overall in the Life Draft, though we're assuming the old coach wasn't quite in the mood to explain how Taylor changed the game during his 1980s heyday.

In a poll asking Around The League readers who they'd pick, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning was the runaway winner with nearly 31 percent of the vote. Taylor came in second at 10.3 percent, while New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady finished third at 8.8 percent. You can see the complete results in the table above.

Our first thought is you'd have to be crazy not to build around a Hall of Fame quarterback. Then again, we're not in the business of positioning ourselves as a brighter football mind than the Big Tuna.

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