Donte Whitner's take on Colin Kaepernick's nude pics


Richard Phibbs for ESPN The Magazine
San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick poses in the flesh for ESPN The Magazine's "The Body Issue."

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and tight end Vernon Davis both posed nude -- aside from a strategically placed football or two -- for ESPN The Magazine's latest "Body Issue."

Colin Kaepernick is the latest, but not the first NFL player, to pose for the ESPN Body Issue. See who else has appeared in magazines.

I'm not one to judge. But 49ers safety Donte Whitner is one to judge, and he's not feeling it.

"I would never do that," Whitner said Thursday on WKRK-FM's "Bull and Fox" show, via "To each his own. I don't know about all the naked pictures and the lower body. I'm a little bit against that, but to each his own."

You probably can't pose "nude" unless you can perform great on the field. Even then, Kaepernick can expect to get some grief.

"He's the man right now, and that's what he chose to do," Whitner said of Kaepernick. "But he's going to receive some flak in the locker room."

I can't imagine having a body like Kaepernick, but I can imagine how I would feel if Marc Sessler or Dan Hanzus chose to pose nude for's "Body Issue." I'd probably feel the same as Whitner.

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