DeMarco Murray: I can have 2,000 yards for Cowboys


Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray made the rounds at ESPN on Wednesday, speaking with optimism about the upcoming third -- and most important -- season of his NFL career.

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Murray dealt with a hamstring issue this spring, but he said he's "100 percent" and will be "ready to go" for training camp this month. Murray's inability to avoid injuries has led to questions if he can shoulder the load over a full season.

But this is July, a time of eternal optimism in the NFL. During an appearance on the yellfest "First Take," Murray was asked if he had the ability to run for 2,000 yards in a season.

"I think I'm capable of anything," Murray replied, via The Dallas Morning News.

(Note: If Murray and Dez Bryant both go over 2,000 yards in 2013, how much pie will that leave for Miles Austin and Jason Witten? We estimate a mid-sized crumb. Possibly two.)

Murray then headed over to "SportsCenter," on which he discussed his hopes that Dallas will increase its commitment to the run in 2013.

"We definitely need to emphasize the running game," Murray said. "When you're second to last in attempts, more than likely you're going to be second to last in rushing, so we definitely got to get the running game going."

Forget Tony Romo. If the Cowboys are going to make the leap from .500 also-rans to bona fide NFC contenders, Murray must take the next step as a player. Is he capable of running for 2,000 yards? We're more interested to know if he can play 16 games.

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