Roger Goodell met with Browns owner Jimmy Haslam


The FBI and IRS investigation of Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam's company squarely is on the NFL's radar. Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked Wednesday if he's concerned.

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"Well, of course, when you have that type of thing, but I've spoken with Jimmy several times and met with him," said Goodell, who met with Haslam in person Tuesday. "Jimmy is doing everything he's asked. He's cooperating. He wants to make sure that he is doing all of the right things in that regard and he has assured us that he is going to."

The FBI investigation came as a surprise to the NFL, Goodell confirmed. (This is no surprise.)

"It's an investigation, and it was held very tightly by the FBI and the authorities," Goodell said. "They didn't share this information with us and they shouldn't. That's something that is their prerogative."

Haslam officially took over as Browns owner in October of 2012. On Monday, Haslam said he was "embarrassed" by the allegations. Goodell will speak more about the issue on Wednesday's episode of the Rich Eisen Podcast on NFL Network.

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