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Who do you have, Wes Welker or Danny Amendola?


Wes Welker signed with the Denver Broncos, which is easily the biggest news of free agency thus far and sent a ripple through the NFL. The Broncos, of course, got a whole lot better. Like Peyton Manning needed one more weapon in his arsenal...

The Patriots, on the other hand, brought in Danny Amendola, a receiver who shares some same characteristics as Welker. It's akin to the guy you know who splits from his wife/girlfriend and then shows up a week later with a woman who looks the same, just slightly younger.

And if you see Bill Belichick zipping around the New England area in a new corvette, well then, he's in full mid-career crisis mode.

So now the question on everybody's mind, who got the better end of the deal? Well there is only one way to settle this and that's to take them to the grid!

And without further ado ...

Player Wes Welker Danny Amendola Give it to ...
Height/weight: 5-9, 185 5-11, 188 Push. I want to see them back-to-back. Seriously, 5-11?
Texas Tech

Texas Tech
Age: 31 27 Amendola. But not by a bunch.
Claim to fame: This 99-yard TD reception, and 100 receptions seemingly every year since birth. Spiked a ball in a dude's face. Welker. Although Homer J. Simpson would probably disagree with me.
Old team: New England Patriots St. Louis Football Club Welker
Bet you didn't know he once a member of the: San Diego Chargers Dallas Cowboys Push. If you did know, congratulations.
New team: Denver Broncos New England Patriots Push
Goes from: Tom Brady to Peyton Manning Sam Bradford to Tom Brady Amendola. This is a step up to the big-time for Amendola.
Will he make more than Brian Hartline next year? No Yes Amendola gets more money, but Welker is the better value.
Signed with his new team for: Spite To prove he's the next Welker Welker. There are reports Welker could have received more money from another team, but chose to go with the Broncos. I like that.
But he'll tell you he is there to: Chase the ring Chase the ring Push. Although, if the Raiders drafted Peterson the year before, they wouldn't have needed Johnson. I've given myself a lot to think about.
To get the ring, he'll need to fix this body part: Butter fingers Clavicle Welker. I joked on Twitter on Tuesday, Manning has a new scapegoat in town. New England fans seem pumped on Amendola but always with the caveat "if he can stay healthy." That's a big if.
Blamed by Gisele for a Super Bowl loss: Yes No Amendola
But at least he played in a Super Bowl: Yes Oh, snap! Welker
And at least Gisele knows his name, right? Yes Burn! Welker
If this ever becomes a screen play, he's played by:
Will Forte

Jesse Bradford


Welker wins here, but what's important to note is everybody on the Patriots has been replaceable during the Belichick reign. Even Tom Brady, who was replaced by Matt Cassel. So we'll see if they can hit it again.

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