Did Darrelle Revis take shot at New York Jets owner?


The New York Post makes a living off salacious back covers. (And front covers.) It's what they do, and checking out the tabloid covers is one of my favorite parts of living in New York City.

On Tuesday, the Post rolled with an image of Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and the headline 'Cheap' Shot in reference to Revis' interview on NFL Network with Andrea Kremer. In this case, I actually don't think the headline or the accompanying article by Steve Serby was over the top. Not at all.

Revis essentially called out Jets owner Woody Johnson when asked if coach Rex Ryan had a say in bringing Revis back.

"I'm sure he'll have a say so, but overall, no," Revis said. "I mean, no, you know? It starts from the top. It starts with (team owner) Woody Johnson."

Kremer then asked Revis if he feels Johnson doesn't want to pay Revis to keep him on the team.

"That might be a situation," Revis replied. "That might be something. That might be an option."

Serby called the statements a "cheap shot" and a challenge to Johnson. I can't disagree. Those comments took chutzpah. How many players are emboldened enough to call out an owner like that? How many players have that stature in an organization?

It's not like Revis is being coy here. He's putting his contract and/or trade issues directly on Johnson. That's a bold move, and one that we're sure got the attention of the Jets. They aren't going to be happy.

If Revis is trying to get dealt, this would be one way to go about it.

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