Darrelle Revis says future starts with Woody Johnson


Darrelle Revis was "speechless" when he caught wind of the trade rumors swirling around him, but the New York Jets cornerback said he and coach Rex Ryan didn't focus on gossip when they finally spoke.

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So what did Revis discuss with his coach?

"A bunch of things," Revis told NFL Network's Andrea Kremer in an interview which aired on "NFL Total Access" on Monday. "But me and Rex, we got a cool relationship, so it's really not -- it wasn't really more so all about being traded and things like that, it was other things, you know, 'How's the family, how you doing?'

"I know Rex. He wants me to be here, but me and him both know, it's a business."

Kremer asked if Ryan has any tangible say in Revis' future with the team.

"Nah, I wouldn't think. I'm sure he'll have a say so, but overall, no," Revis said. "I mean, no, you know? It starts from the top. It starts with (team owner) Woody Johnson."

Specifically, Johnson's potential unwillingness to make Revis the NFL's highest-paid corner on the heels of major knee surgery. Revis acknowledged that Johnson's stance on a new mega-deal, "might be a situation."

A situation, indeed, that is certain to be the center of the Jets' offseason until Revis' future becomes clear.

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