Willie McGinest: Tom Brady needs to talk with Gronk


Rob Gronkowski is who he is.

The New England Patriots tight end likes to drink and socialize and dance. Oh, how he loves to dance. This usually happens in the company of other large men named Gronkowski, who all exist in a world where shirts are optional and WWE wrestling moves are always in play.

We suspect all this would still be the case even if Gronk weren't a multimillionaire football star.

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It's all relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things (BREAKING: 23-Year-Old Male Gets Drunk, Does Dumb Things With Friends), but criticism of Gronkowski has mounted of late. As the story goes, Gronkowski's lifestyle puts himself -- and by extension, his team -- at risk.

NFL Network's Willie McGinest -- a star defensive end during the Patriots' good old days -- says his talk with Gronk would've already happened were he still on team owner Robert Kraft's payroll. In the present day, McGinest believes quarterback Tom Brady might serve as the ideal messenger.

"The only guy on that offense that could probably say anything is Tom," McGinest said, via the Boston Herald. "He has the years in. Or maybe Wes (Welker). It has to be guys (Gronkowski is) around all the time. I don't really know the dynamics of that team.

"Our defense and offense all coincided together. It didn't matter who was talking. But a lot of their guys are young. Gronk's young. It would have to be an elder statesman like Vince (Wilfork) or Tom (to speak up). Someone who's been there for a while. But Tom might be the one. I'm sure someone will have a word with him."

Since this is the Patriots, any conversation about Gronkowski's social life will take place -- and surely remain -- behind closed doors. The question is whether the Patriots are actually concerned about Gronk's behavior, or if this is simply the case of media folk looking to pass the time in a post-Super Bowl wasteland.

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