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Torrey Smith on Ravens repeating: 'Well, why not?'


Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has been to the mountaintop, and he isn't ready to walk back down.

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"I can't experience (the Super Bowl) just one time," Smith told The Baltimore Sun. "We need to bring multiple championships back to Baltimore. People are saying this isn't normal. Well, why not? That's the way I'm approaching it. To make it to the top and see the look on the faces of our city, all those kids out there, it's amazing. We are a reflection of our city."

Smith sounds like many of the Ravens players who spoke with Around the League in the moments after beating the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Talk in the locker room hinted at the Ravens just getting started. And Smith this week argued that offseason roster shuffling won't diminish expectations.

"The goal in Baltimore is always to get to the Super Bowl and win it," Smith told The Sun. "That doesn't change regardless of who's in there. We're going to try to get to that same position and win it. With the organization we have, the core of players we have, guys like Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, our defense, I think we'll be fine."

If the Ravens do find a way back to the NFL's biggest stage next season, one MVP candidate will be Ozzie Newsome.

The team's longtime general manager will spend the upcoming weeks and months trying to hammer out a multi-year (and potentially massive) deal for Flacco while finding a way to retain key chess pieces within the boundary of the salary cap. The Ravens are built to overcome the odds, but this could be a very different squad come September.

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